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Will she be a victim...

...Or a bully repellent

Peace Through Strength

“The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying™” program is a complete Anti-Bullying and confidence building life skills program for kids and adults. “The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying™” is the key to non-violent anti-bullying peaceful resolution.

“The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying™” which we teach in our martial arts school and it is now available for purchase on a two DVD set is a program that trains victims of bullying whether they are children, teenagers or adults to survive a bully encounter.

We teach those being bullied to first avoid the conflict. Then if confronted by the bully to use Verbal Jeet Kune Do tactics (mind, body language and voice.) If the bully attacks them they are taught to first use Passive Self Defense (Stop the attack and control the bully.) Yet, if these first three steps fail and the bully is hurting you we go into TCB (what Elvis Presley called Taking Care of Business.) TCB is full out survival self defense using all your body parts and skills to survive.
This program will empower children in the “Art of Fighting without Fighting” or how to defeat the bully peacefully. If your child is exhibiting behavior that suggest that they are victims or perpetrators of bullying, this program is for you. Society is crying out for help and “The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullyingtm can be an intelligent and effective way to prepare our children to cope with today’s challenges. In the ancient Chinese book the Art of War author Sun Tzu states the ultimate way to win a war is by not fighting a battle. The “Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullyingtm” program teaches you how to defeat the bully without fighting using your largest and strongest muscle your brain.

“The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-BullyingTM” teaches parents how to detect if there child is being bullied or is a bully. It teaches parents how to respond if their child is being bullied. It also educates parents in what steps to take in the school system if their child is being bullied. In the United States School Board there is a no fighting policy. This program teaches parents what to do to avoid their child from being suspended if their child gets into a conflict with the school yard bully and ends up defending themselves using Non-Violent Self Defense techniques taught in “The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-BullyingTM.”
“The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-BullyingTM” can assist parents, school teachers, martial arts instructors, coaches, church leaders, Boy and Girl Scouts leaders and councilors that are searching for a realistic way to train kids, teenagers and adults to stop bullying and not be victims of bullying.
“The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-BullyingTM” program and DVD set was created by Julio Anta. Anta has been teaching anti-bullying in his martial arts and self defense classes and doing workshops in schools (public, private and charter schools), churches, boy scouts, girl scouts since 1998. He has been featured in over 150 local, national and international TV shows. He was a Human Diversity (also called Cultural Diversity) instructor certified by FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement.) Anta had purchased numerous anti-bullying programs and did research and spent years doing research. He was one of the first instructors certified in an anti-bullying program. Yet, he believed that most anti-bullying programs were incomplete and some could even get you hurt.
August 25, 2012, was proclaimed Anta’s Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying Day by Miami-Dade County and the City of Doral. Proclamations were presented by The Mayor of Doral J.C. Bermudez and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz. Martial Arts training give you the confidence and “The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullyingtm” empowers you with the mental edge. Students at Anta’s are trained in non-violent conflict resolution through role playing and skits. Yet, they also teach their students scenario based reality based street defense with verbalization in case the bully does physically attack them. That is the difference between The “Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullyingtm” Program and other anti-bullying programs.

Julio is considered an anti-bullying expert due to his certifications, background in martial arts, military and law enforcement, yet he felt that most anti-bullying programs were not complete. Anta believed that martial arts alone nor an anti-bullying program alone would not work well against a bully. He believed that the best way to defeat the bully would be a combination of both. Anta felt that the ultimate way to defeat the bully was with your mind and verbally what he called the art of fighting without fighting . Yet, to achieve that goal you must first have to have the confidence that you were strong and could defeat the bully physically if the bully attacked.
Through his research and his background as a Corrections Officer in a maximum security prison, an FDLE instructor, Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, father of two boys, Krav Maga instructor, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do instructor, Muay Thai instructor, Kung Fu instructor, numerous fitness certifications and Gracie Jiu Jitsu student he created “The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-BullyingTM.”
Anta was influenced by Bruce Lee and President Ronald Reagan to create this program. In the movie “Enter the Dragon” Bruce Lee defeats the ships bully by tricking him into a small boat which was at the side of the ship. The karate champion bully was picking on the workers on the ship. He asks Lee what his style was Lee answered the art of fighting without fighting. The bully asks him to show him. Bruce tells him that there is no room on the ship, to go on the boat so they can go to the close by island. Lee loosens the rope to leaves the bully stranded in the small boat. He defeated the bully without landing a blow.
Reagan believed in “Peace through Strength.” Before Ronald Reagan became President of the United States America America had become weak and the moral was very low. We had hostages in Iran, the Soviet Union was breaking treaties and taking over Afghanistan and other countries. Reagan strengthen our country speaking confidently to our enemies. Without firing a shoot the hostages in Iran were released and we won the Cold War. The reign of Communism ended in the Soviet Union and East Germany.

Checkout the amateur Anti-Bullying movie staring our Summer Camp Kids click here Anti-Bullying Movie.
If you live in the Doral, Miami area and you are being bullied or if you are a bully we can help. Call us today at 305 599-3649 Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set an appointment to try a free introductory class.

The second best thing to personally training with martial arts, fitness and anti-bullying expert Julio Anta is to order Anta’s Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying Two DVD Set. Join us in our fight to stomp out bullying in America and the world by changing one persons life at a time.


"Anta's Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying“, is the real deal. If your kids have been bullied, if you have been bullied you need to study this program.
School owners this is a must. If you work with kids, you know that bullying is an epidemic in schools. Empower your kids with the knowledge necessary to gain courage and confidence. Empower your kids to hold their heads up high, and give them the tools necessary to overcome bullies and live a peaceful life.
Mr. Anta has over 30 years of experience working with kids, let him guide and show you the way. Lets stand up to bullying by learning the "Art of Fighting without Fighting".
Sifu Harinder Singh
Founder and President
Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association

Leigh and I attended The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying workshop at Master Julio Anta’s school Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense in Doral, Florida. This is a great program for kids of all ages on not only how to defend themselves physically but also how to use their voice and body language. All the kids participated and learned a lot. During this workshop the parents were not just sitting on the sidelines! They to were involved as Master Anta spent time with them in a group setting explaining how to work with their child in such a touchy area as bullying. When a child fights back against a bully in school parents also need to know what to do with their child and school authorities. Master Anta covered it all. Great class Sir! Best of Luck with it. I am looking forward to bringing it to Progressive Self Defense Systems in Boca Raton!
Sgt. John Riddle
Black Belt Magazine Self Defense Instructor of the Year 2012
West Palm Beach Police Sergeant

My son Diego train’s at Anta’s in The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying. He has built his self esteem and learned techniques to defeat the bully and help others if necessary.
Aura Ordonez

About a month ago, there was a bullying situation in my daughter Brianna's class and thanks to the learning experience that she had in your Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense martial arts classes, she controlled the situation very well without parent intervening on her behalf. She didn't have to fight; and she was the only girl who stopped the bullying from happening to her. Thank you Mr. Anta for teaching her these important anti-bullying skills that will help her in life.
Humberto Calvo