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Anta's Art of Fighting Without Fighting Anti-Bullying

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All Martial Arts school’s are not created equal. These instructors have been selected and trained by Anta’s Art of Fighting Without Fighting Anti-Bullying creator Julio Anta. They have taken the Be a Hero Not a Bystander pledge and have signed the banner. They all have and are authorized to hang the Be a Hero not a Bystander Banner at their training center.

They have become part of an elite group of martial artist called The Justice League of Martial Artists. This Special Group of instructors came together for one reason.. to Educate, Prevent and Stop Bullying amongst Children, Teens and even Adults. Their mission is to have people, kids, teens and adults pledge and sign banners to not tolerate bullying by sticking up to bullies but also like a true Superhero not be a bystander and stick up for those being bullied.

“Anta’s Art of Fighting Without Fighting Anti-Bullying DVD set is available for purchase at all of these martial arts training centers. . All these schools will have events throughout the year to stomp out bullying. They all will have the Be a Hero Not a Bystander Banner.

These are the only martial arts schools and instructors authorized to teach, use and do workshops using the trademark names of Anta’s Art of Fighting Without Fighting Anti-Bullying, Be a Hero Not a Bystander, and Justice League of Martial Artists which are trademarks of Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense.

To set up a presentation and banner signing for your public, private, charter school, church group, sports club etc. email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 305 599-3649.

Miami-Dade County Florida 
National Headquarters
Miami/Doral/Miami Springs                                            
Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense                                                                           
Julio & Elena Anta.
10721 NW 58 St. Doral, Florida 33178                                                                                        
(305) 599-3649
Magnan Martial Arts, Self Defense and Fitness                                                      
Alfred & Tania Magnan                                                                                                 
12039 SW 132 Ct Unit #21. Miami, Florida 33186                                                                   
Judokickbox Academy
Fraibel Hernandez
12491 SW 134 Ct. #28. Miami, Florida
786 863-7254
Mastery Martial Arts/Master Z's Warrior Fit                       
121 Noland, McAllen, Texas
(956) 631-4841      


"Anta's Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying“, is the real deal. If your kids have been bullied, if you have been bullied you need to study this program.
School owners this is a must. If you work with kids, you know that bullying is an epidemic in schools. Empower your kids with the knowledge necessary to gain courage and confidence. Empower your kids to hold their heads up high, and give them the tools necessary to overcome bullies and live a peaceful life.
Mr. Anta has over 30 years of experience working with kids, let him guide and show you the way. Lets stand up to bullying by learning the "Art of Fighting without Fighting".
Sifu Harinder Singh
Founder and President
Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association

Leigh and I attended The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying workshop at Master Julio Anta’s school Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense in Doral, Florida. This is a great program for kids of all ages on not only how to defend themselves physically but also how to use their voice and body language. All the kids participated and learned a lot. During this workshop the parents were not just sitting on the sidelines! They to were involved as Master Anta spent time with them in a group setting explaining how to work with their child in such a touchy area as bullying. When a child fights back against a bully in school parents also need to know what to do with their child and school authorities. Master Anta covered it all. Great class Sir! Best of Luck with it. I am looking forward to bringing it to Progressive Self Defense Systems in Boca Raton!
Sgt. John Riddle
Black Belt Magazine Self Defense Instructor of the Year 2012
West Palm Beach Police Sergeant

My son Diego train’s at Anta’s in The Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying. He has built his self esteem and learned techniques to defeat the bully and help others if necessary.
Aura Ordonez

About a month ago, there was a bullying situation in my daughter Brianna's class and thanks to the learning experience that she had in your Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense martial arts classes, she controlled the situation very well without parent intervening on her behalf. She didn't have to fight; and she was the only girl who stopped the bullying from happening to her. Thank you Mr. Anta for teaching her these important anti-bullying skills that will help her in life.
Humberto Calvo