Shaolin Physical Conditioning

Are you tired of running on a treadmill yet not getting anywhere, pumping iron in a boring modern chrome plated gym yet.

Not seeing any results? Isn't time to finally get the results you been looking for and have fun doing it! What's old is new again and you can now live fit and fearless like an ancient Shaolin Warrior.

Now you can train like a Shaolin Warrior Monk without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Anta's Shaolin Physical Conditioning is the first DVD of its kind for martial artist, instructors and/or those that want to lose weight or get in great shape. It is full of practical and traditional Shaolin Kung Fu functional fitness exercises. This new and exciting video can be done with or without equipment. It is great workout for men and women, kids and adults that builds explosive strength, power, endurance and flexibility for martial arts, sports or for defending yourself or loved ones.

Watch Hung Gar Kung Fu Master Julio Anta who is over 50 years old keeping his body youthful training the Shaolin way. This fun and exciting training method can be done in the comfort of your own home, at a gym or park with or without equipment. Now you can build a hard, strong body with these ancient Chinese Kung Fu secrets. Learn the secrets to developing Iron Forearms. Learn how to use Iron Rings just like in the movies Kung Fu Hustle 36 Chambers and Drunken Master and how to incorporate them in your martial arts or fitness program.

Martial Arts instructors, this is the perfect tool to add extra excitement to your class or fitness program. The DVD has sections that can be done alone or with a partner. There are sections where you can watch Anta training his students.

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The DVD includes sections on training with:
Shaolin Iron Rings
Hard Chi Gong (Dynamic Tension)
Iron Forearm Training
Grip Training
Sand Jar Training
Bean Bag Training
Body Weight Exercises
and much more!

What others are saying about Anta's Shaolin Physical Conditioning DVD:

I had the pleasure of reviewing “Shaolin Physical Conditioning DVD and I’m ready to report that it is an excellent product. First let me begin by saying that Mr. Anta is exceptionally qualified to instruct this DVD. Not only is he a Master Level instructor of Kung Fu but he is also an ISSA certified Fitness Instructor, world renowned kettlebell instructor, and former competitive bodybuilder. Mr. Anta knows fitness and kung fu better than most people. This video is a library of physical training techniques. The techniques presented in the video are not designed to produce aesthetic physiques. No, the nature of the material is pure functional and dynamic fitness. The exercises shown will definitely help you develop fighting strength, muscular endurance, agility, balance and speed.

Among the more interesting exercises on the DVD are the traditional ring workouts, as well as the forearm and grip training techniques. All things equal the stronger, more agile combatant will usually come out on top. This DVD will definitely help you become fighting fit.

F.D. Vargas
Self Defense Instructor
Director of ICSDA (International Combat Self Defense Association)
Chicago IL

Master Anta, I recently watched your new DVD, "Shaolin Physical Conditioning", and found it excellent. It provides a comprehensive overview of solid training principles, which reminded me of my early days of martial arts training. My first 10 years of training were in Uechi-Ryu Karate, which stressed a lot of body/forearm conditioning. I would highly recommend your new DVD to serious martial artists and athletes as well.

Frank DiMeo
CrossFit Gulf Coast
Sarasota, FL
Published author

As a 35 year Martial Artist I can highly recommend Master Anta's Shaolin Physical Conditioning Dvd. He brings to the public the secrets of the Shaolin one of the fittest cultures there is. As an avid bodyweight, isometric and isokinetic fitness enthusiast, This program is the perfect addition to my fitness program. I'm 45 yrs. old and this program will keep me fit and injury free from now on. This is a program everyone who wants to train smart should own.

Master Jack Clark

Total Protection System

Anta's Shaolin Physical Conditioning is a very informative and well presented fitness video. Anta teaches with precision and detail. I highly recommend this video to anyone that wants to get in shape whether you are a martial artist or not. This video has inspired me to do research on the history of Shaolin training.

DR. Ralph B. Monserrat, A.P., DHOM, Ph.D.

Chinese Medicine and Homeopathic Medicine
Palm Beach Gardens FL

I just finished watching the Shaolin Physical Conditioning DVD. It was very inspiring. Every clip was exciting, and I enjoyed seeing all of them! I look forward to doing these same exercises in my own home. Thank you for this great DVD. I’m sure that, with all your talent and experience, you will be able to produce many more DVD’s like this one.

Sincerely yours,
David Josiah Slentz
Houston Texas

Asian Journal of Martial Arts Volume 18 Number 1, 2009 Julio Anta's article on Shaolin Physical Conditioning
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Only $29.99


$39.99 + $3.99 Shipping